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To sustain and enhance mission impact, nonprofit organizations need insight into their organizations’ unique challenges and opportunities. But too often, critical tools like financial reports or accounting software are barriers to insights – confusing or excluding stakeholders, undermining confidence and trust, and preventing organizations from successfully planning for the future. For many leaders and organizations, taking ownership of those tools can be an “A-ha!” moment.

Propel Nonprofits is pleased to offer consulting and coaching engagements designed to equip your organization with accounting and financial tools and resources which provide insights into your financial health and empower nonprofit boards and staffs to make decisions with confidence.

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Need some technical assistance? Call our accounting helpline at 612-249-6640 or reach out to one of our nonprofit accounting specialists directly:

Darrell Beauford

John Skillings

Free Nonprofit Accounting Helpline

We know a lot of nonprofit accounting is learning by doing, and often talking to an expert is more helpful than finding the perfect Google search result. Whether you’re struggling to make changes to your chart of accounts, are new to QuickBooks Online and have questions, want a better way of presenting your finances to the board, or have some other accounting challenge, give us a call at 612-249-6640.

Financial Insights Coaching

One of our accounting specialists will work closely with the person managing your finances over 12 months (a full fiscal cycle) to review your accounting reports, answer questions, and help ensure your financial records are accurate. The goal: make sure your financial tools effectively tell your organization’s story and build skills, efficiencies, and confidence within your organization.

QuickBooks Online Set-Up

QuickBooks Online for nonprofits provides a cost-effective, cloud-based tool well-suited to many organizations IF the software is set up to meet the specific needs of nonprofits (such as tracking restricted revenue and reporting to funders). Whether your organization has only recently received its 501(c)(3) status or is simply using accounting software and reporting formats that are due for a refresh, our accounting and finance specialists will work with you to set up QuickBooks Online and adapt it to the unique needs of your nonprofit.

Nonprofit Accounting Tools

At Propel Nonprofits, we know accurate and realistic budgets, cashflows, scenario plans, dashboards, and understanding your true program costs are critical to keeping an organization on track and to fueling its impact and effectiveness. Whether your organization has recently received its 501(c)(3) status or simply wants to develop another tool to help navigate these uncertain times, our expertise in developing these skills and understanding the unique needs of nonprofits will set your organization up for success.


Your budget is the financial path to your mission. It helps to inform your organization through critical decision-making and guides you toward your organizational priorities. We will walk you through Propel’s 10 Steps of Budgeting process and develop a strategy to make your annual budgeting process work for your organization year after year.

Cash Flows

Can I invest in equipment? Do we need a line of credit? Can we afford to expand our team? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, you might need to take a deep dive into your cash flow statements. Cash flow statements provide insight and answers to questions like these. Understanding the ebb and flow of your organization’s cash will help you to make smart management decisions that protect your core programs and overall sustainability. We will partner with you to translate your financial statements into a cash flow statement and teach you to understand how to use it.

Scenario Planning

Whether you’ve just lost a major funding source, the economy is heading toward recession, or you’re changing your program mix, scenario budget planning can proactively prepare you for the possible paths ahead. We will partner with you to determine your organization’s goals and consider different possibilities. We will help you develop your scenario summaries based on a range of possible outcomes and outline what steps you’ll need to take when the time comes for you to choose one of those outcomes.

True Program Costs

Knowing the real and full costs of delivering nonprofit programs is critical to moving an organization toward financial sustainability. When you know what it costs to deliver your programs you are better able to make decisions about fundraising, evaluate impact ROI, develop contract terms or pricing, and make the best use of unrestricted revenue. We will guide you through the process of defining your programs, understanding and selecting the right allocation methods for your organization, defining your direct and indirect costs, and allocating your administrative and fundraising costs.

Nonprofit Accounting & Bookkeeping Referrals

If you’re looking for ongoing accounting services, assistance with 990s, an audit or accounting review, we encourage you to reach out to one of these nonprofit accounting partners. Please note that this list of referrals is offered as a convenience based on recommendations from nonprofit organizations. Propel encourages organizations to complete a full review of any potential accounting provider. You can also search the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits’ SpeciaLIST.

All In One Accounting, Melanie Accola
651-335-4959  |

CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, Kelly Kienholz
612-397-3054  |

Jennifer Gostovic, CPA (990 services)
952-432-2218  |

Jitasa Group

Lurie – YourBooks

Mahoney, Ulbrich, Christiansen & Russ, P.A.

The Mobius Group Inc., Megan Genest Tarnow
651-300-1654  |

Studio501, Mary Cleary