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Bridge for Youth

The Bridge for Youth was formed in 1970 by Sister Rita Steinhagen in response to the growing number of homeless and runaway youth in Minneapolis. Her vision and leadership resulted in the formation of one of the first programs in the country for runaway and homeless youth. In the years since, her vision has continued to drive the Bridge for Youth to be a recognized leader in runaway and homeless youth issues and a critical provider of housing, crisis counseling, outreach and life skills training to thousands of homeless and runaway youth every year. We serve the entire continuum of runaway and homeless youth from preventing youth homelessness by serving younger youth with services focused on family reunification when safe and possible to serving older homeless youth focused on helping them to build the knowledge and skills necessary to transition to successful independent living.

Annual Budget: $3.5 million
Contributed Revenue: 56%
Government Revenue: 32%
United Way Revenue: 11%
Miscellaneous Income: 1%


First and foremost, people who have the time and energy to commit to at least one three year term. In addition, people who have a passion for our mission and some type of connection to our organization or the youth we serve and issues we address. Specific skills we are looking for include experience in finance, investments, wealth management, real estate management, marketing, public relations or governance. Individuals who have experience serving on a nonprofit Board and people who are racially or ethnically diverse are particularly encouraged to consider serving on the Bridge for Youth Board.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Diversity of Perspective and Experience: Individuals who are diverse in terms of knowledge, skills, organizational affiliation, race, and ethnicity.
  • Nonprofit board experience: Previous experience serving on the board of a community-based nonprofit.
  • Management/Leadership: Individuals in corporate leadership positions.


The main responsibility of board members is to provide governance and oversight to The Bridge for Youth.

Number of members: We currently have 15 board members (bylaws allow for 25)
How many needed: Two
Meeting time and frequency: Fourth Thursday every other month at 3:30 pm (changing meeting time is under consideration)
Meeting location: Minneapolis


Time Expectation: Eight hours per month including committee service
Financial Contribution Requirement?: Yes
Committee Requirement?: Yes
Length of Term: Three years
Renewable?: Yes, up to three terms

Board members are expected to be active participants including reading Board materials in advance, attending Board meetings in person, actively participating on a Board Committee, making an annual financial contribution and assisting in fundraising efforts. The Bridge for Youth Board is an active, engaged governance Board. Individuals looking for less involvement on a Board are probably not a good fit.

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1111 West 22nd Street Minneapolis, MN 55405


To provide runaway and homeless youth safe shelter, assist in the prevention and resolution of family conflict and reunite families whenever possible.