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Creative Enterprise Zone

Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) was established as an independent organization 2015. It covers a geographic area located mid-city between Saint Paul and Minneapolis. It is the successor to an initiative by the Saint Anthony Park Community Council to insure that the area’s creative nature remains intact. CEZ is a supportive coalition of organizations, businesses and individuals working together to accomplish the following basic goals:

  • Stabilize conditions in which creative enterprises, industries, artists, nonprofits and residents flourish,
  • Connect creative enterprises, industries, artists, nonprofits and residents flourish,
  • Collaborate, cross-pollinate ideas and share common interests,
  • Build the physical infrastructure, spaces and places that support our vision,
  • Promote a distinctive identity that expresses the unique nature of the district, and
  • Encourage others to collaborate with us in achieving our goals.

Annual Budget: $100,000


CEZ is seeking 2 candidates who have a passion for their mission and the geographic area it serves.

Skills/Attributes Sought:
Management skill and experience in one or more areas such as project management, finance and accounting, strategic planning and marketing and communication.
Fundraising experience to support development planning, event planning and grant writing.


The board functions as a working board.
Number of members currently: 8
How many needed: 2
Meeting time and frequency: Every other month
Meeting location: Rotating locations at businesses in the zone


Time Expectation: 5 hours per month
Financial Contribution: Yes. The expectation is that all Board members contribute.
Service on Committee Required: Yes
Length of Term: 2 years
Renewable: Yes

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PO Box 14252, University Ave W., Saint Paul, MN 55114


Work to make the Creative Enterprise Zone a livable, mixed use neighborhood, recognized and sustained as a center of enterprise and creativity.