Board Opportunities

Minnesota Conservation Federation

Since 1936 the Minnesota Conservation Federation (MCF) has been an advocate for wise use of Minnesota’s natural resources. MCF and its membership have been at the fore of many significant conservation victories in the state. From organizing some of the first hunter safety courses in the state to the passage of the 2008 legacy amendment we have been an active participant in the conservation of our air, lands, and waters while promoting the safe and responsible use of our resources by hunters and fishers. MCF is the MN state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation.

MCF’s current goal is to expand our R3 programming to introduce more people to the hunting, fishing, and trapping opportunities that exist in MN. At an organization level this will be done by on-boarding new board membership that will use their skills and knowledge to help guide us through the growth that is soon to come. We are excited to begin re imagining our mission, bylaws, and organizational structure to fulfill our mission and expand our outreach to diverse communities.

We have the backing of our strong partners at the National Wildlife Foundation who are committed to help MCF achieve its mission.


  • Management and Leadership
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Technology

We are looking for board members who can share their professional knowledge with us. Those who have served on other boards and can share their experiences would be wonderful to have join us. Candidates who have a strong understanding of technology and can help to grow our online and social media presence are encouraged to apply. We also need someone looking for a larger commitment to the organization by acting as treasurer.

The Minnesota Conservation is at a pivot point as an organization and is looking for new board members to help us craft our mission. Potential board members that are looking to become involved in programming aimed at getting new folks out to experience fishing and hunting opportunities are strongly encouraged to apply.


  • Number of board members needed: 10
  • Number of members currently: 4
  • Meeting time and frequency:  4-6 meetings annually
  • Meeting location: St. Paul


  • Time Expectation: Up to 5 hours/month
  • Financial Contribution Required: No
  • Service on Committee Required: No
  • Length of Term: 2 Years
  • Renewable: Yes
  • Does nonprofit carry liability insurance? No

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542 Snelling Avenue S Ste 104 St. Paul, MN 55116


Our mission is two fold. The first part of our mission is encased within the conservation pledge. "To save and faithfully defend from wast the natural resources of my country, its air, soils, and minerals, its forest waters and wildlife." To achieve this mission we seek to introduce more people to the role that the consumptive activities of hunting, fishing, and trapping play in conservation causes. This is done through programming aimed at Recruiting, Reactivating, and Retaining (R3) hunters and fishers of all types from across our great state.