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PRIME Productions

PRIME Productions was founded in 2016 by three mature women who recognized there was a scarcity of substantial roles in the theater for women over 50: female characters who weren’t stereotyped, marginalized, or second fiddles. And yet there is a wealth of experienced female talent in the Twin Cities that is not fully utilized, either by the plays being produced or the roles being written. PRIME aims to fill this gap by producing plays that employ these experienced female theater artists (and their male counterparts) in meaningful and substantial roles while addressing issues germane to an aging population.

Our pledge of diversity and inclusion extends beyond the stage to the artists working behind the scenes, and we are proud to provide meaningful work for pay. In addition to staging memorable plays, such as Little Wars, Two Degrees and Marjorie Prime, PRIME launched PRIME Voices, a series of free staged readings for the community, to reach as many people of all ages as possible. During the pandemic, PRIME expanded PRIME Voices to include interviews and produced a series of videos celebrating interesting women in their second act.

Annual budget: $71,000 – individual contributions, earned income, art grants


Ideal candidates will also have one or more of the following qualities: 

·       Live in the greater Twin Cities area 

·       Background in finance or accounting 

·       Background or experience with human resources 

·       Legal skills or connections 

·       Corporate or business background 


·       Number of members currently: 5

·       Meeting time and frequency:  6 meetings annually

·       Meeting location: Minneapolis Metro area 


·       Time Expectation: Up to 4 hours/month

·       Financial Contribution Required: Strongly encouraged at some level, but not required 

·       Service on Committee Required: Yes

·       Length of Term: 3 Years

·       Renewable: Yes

·       Does nonprofit carry liability insurance? Yes

Questions about this board opportunity?

Questions about this board opportunity?



300 Ford Road, #4, St. Louis Park, MN 55426


PRIME Productions seeks to explore, illuminate and support women over fifty and their stories through the creative voice of performance. We intend to create productions that include and encourage the participation of all genders, races, sexual orientations, and abilities. It is through these varied perspectives that a complete portrait can emerge and be celebrated.


Questions about this board opportunity?