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Sexual Violence Center

Since 1985, the Sexual Violence Center has been serving youth and adult victim/survivors of sexual violence 12 years of age and older. We work in Hennepin, Carver and Scott counties, with services coordinated out of our office in Minneapolis. We will never turn anyone away from service if they live outside of these counties, but can often refer people to a local agency that has connections with more specific resources to help.

At the Sexual Violence Center, all of our services are provided by sexual assault advocates. The role of an advocate is to provide information, offer options and support victims and survivors in their decisions. It is up to you to determine which paths are best to take. You are your own best expert. You possess the power to define your own healing process. The advocate is in the role of facilitator. By sharing knowledge, giving choices, and acting as a liaison to various points in the system, our advocates are here to empower you.

The ultimate goal of a sexual assault advocate is to provide enough support so that eventually you will no longer need the advocate’s help. The advocate fosters an environment of independence, so you gain confidence in your choices and begin to trust your own decisions and advocate for yourself.

Strategic Goals:

  • Expanding service to victim survivors.
  • Reach targeted communities who currently underutilize our services
  • Raise public awareness of the SVC and our mission
  • Enhance fiscal position to further our mission

Annual Budget: $800,000 – Federal or State Contracts, Foundation, Individual Contributions


Sexual Violence Center is seeking two candidates with a passion for its mission who have the following skills and experience:

  • Board governance
  • Financial management
  • Fundraising
  • Management and leadership
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Public Policy & Advocacy
  • Strategic and business planning

After reviewing the SVC’s website, if a person can support those activities from the position of board members (no direct services with victim survivors), that person is for us.


  • Number of members currently: 11
  • Meeting time and frequency: Monthly
  • Meeting location: Minneapolis


  • Time Expectation: More than 10 hours per month
  • Financial Contribution Required: Yes, at a level meaningful to the board member
  • Service on Committee Required: Yes
  • Length of Term: Two years
  • Renewable: Yes

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2021 East Hennepin Avenue, Suite 418 Minneapolis, MN 55413


The Sexual Violence Center’s mission is to support everyone affected by sexual violence, whether your assault has just happened, or if they are coming to terms with trauma in their past.