Recruit Board Members

As a Twin Cities-based executive director or board leader, you have the ongoing challenge of recruiting skilled, committed people who are passionate about your mission and will become strong board members and powerful advocates for your organization. Fortunately, there are hundreds of individuals in the Twin Cities interested in serving on the board of directors of a nonprofit. For decades, Propel Nonprofits (formerly MAP for Nonprofits) has been a helping nonprofits find the right people to join their board.


Contact Ian Law to discuss how we can assist you with the identifying good candidates for your nonprofit board.

What We Provide

When a nonprofit organization engages us to help identify strong candidate for their board, we search our candidate pool for the right match of interest and skills, and communicate with prospective board candidates about the potential opportunity, including detailed information about your nonprofit. When we find the best candidates in our pool we refer two candidates and make the connections. We follow up through the process and provide guidance for welcoming, orienting, and mentoring new board members to build an effective board.

Is Our Service a Good Fit for Your Organization?

Based on experience, we are most successful identifying good board candidates for nonprofits that have missions that appeal to a broad range of people in the community. Nonprofits with a highly targeted mission or programs can be more challenging and require a longer time period. We don’t recruit for officer positions because we believe experience with an organization is beneficial prior to serving as a board officer.


The nonprofit organization must have been in existence with operating programs and a board of directors for at least 18 months; have an operating board structure; and established meeting calendar before we recruit on their behalf.


The fee for board recruiting is based on your annual operating budget. This fee covers the recruitment of two candidates who match your criteria and who are interested in serving on your board. We also provide two passes to our Board Boot Camp training.

Annual Budget: Fee

  • Up to $500,000: $500
  • $500,000 – $2 Million: $800
  • More than $2 Million: $1,200

Our Promise to You

If the candidates we refer do not result in a board placement, or the candidate remains on the board six months or less, Propel Nonprofits will re-open the search for a one-time replacement of the candidate at no additional cost.


Email Ian Law at or call 612.249.6698 to discuss how we can assist you with the identifying good candidates for your nonprofit board.