Capacity Building Initiatives

From time to time Propel Nonprofits has the opportunity to develop and manage capacity building initiatives to provide one or more services for a group of nonprofits. Capacity building initiatives are often developed through our strong connections with community partners. Each initiative is designed to meet a specific need in a community and to help nonprofits build their knowledge, skills, and capacity to thrive.

Capacity building initiatives are generally targeted to a specific type of nonprofit, a community or region, or a pre-selected cohort. These initiatives are valuable for the groups participating in the initiative and as opportunities for learning and research for Propel Nonprofits and our partners.

For short, we often refer to capacity building initiatives as CBI.

Past Initiatives

Equity Builder Loan Program

We worked with 21 arts and culture nonprofits around Minnesota to give them the financial freedom to think bigger, take risks, and thrive as cultural leaders in their communities.