We make loans to a wide range of nonprofits of different sizes and fields of service. For us, it is more than a loan. Every nonprofit is unique. Mission, program mix, funding streams, and business models all impact what kind of loan will work best. Built on our knowledge of nonprofits and their business models, our lending team determines the best approach to meet your needs, and sticks with you to address challenges.

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Loan Types and Typical Ranges

Working capital

Loans to support program and operational stability or program expansion or reimbursements. Typical range: $20,000 to $600,000

Lines of credit

Flexible financing to manage cyclical cash flow, such as to bridge the timing gap for receipt of a committed grant or contract. Typical range: $20,000 to $600,000

Short-term facility projects

Facility loans used for building improvements, repairs, equipment purchases, or to bridge to a capital campaign. Typical range: $50,000 to $1 million

Long-term facility mortgage

Flexible mortgages for building purchases, renovations, or construction for up 5-7 years.  Typical range: $50,000 to $1 million

Loan Eligibility and Terms

  • A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Minnesota and the adjacent states of Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota, and Native nations sharing this geography are eligible to apply.
  • We require an operating history, and do not lend to start-up organizations.
  • Loans are available to nonprofits in all field of service including health care, community development, housing, charter schools and other educational organizations, social service agencies, environmental, and arts organizations.


Loans are available for periods of a few months to 15 years, and longer amortizations are available. Loan structure, interest rates, collateral, and payment plans are customized to fit the organization’s business model, cash flow, and project plans.

Arts & Culture

“Propel Nonprofits is a great resource for everything because it gets the big picture. I would recommend it for sure because of the depth and breadth of its knowledge.”

Jennifer Schiller
Executive Director of Laura Jeffrey Academy

We have developed extensive expertise in lending to nonprofit organizations in the fields of arts and culture and charter schools.

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Case Study of Propel Client:Coffee House Press

Lending Case Study

Coffee House Press

"More than many other artform, literature can put you inside the head of a character, someone who is completely different from you."

Chris Fischbach, Coffee House Press