Nonprofit Infrastructure Grant Program

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Organizational Information

Application Contact Information

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Executive Director/CEO/President Information

Board Composition
How many of your board members belong to the following racial/ethnic categories:
How many of your board members identify as:

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Eligibility Organization Criteria
The primary organization eligibility criteria are:
  1. Small, culturally specific organizations that primarily serve historically underserved cultural communities. This includes organizations where the majority of management or board of directors' positions are held by members of these cultural communities and the programs are designed to serve these cultural communities.
  2. Nonprofit organizations, including 501(c)(3) organizations and unincorporated groups which have a fiscal sponsor.
  3. Organizations with current annual budgets with expenses less than $500,000.

Eligible Program Activities

Organizational Infrastructure Improvement

Grants under this activity area can be used to improve organizational infrastructure. Eligible activities under this category include hiring staff or consultants to assist with: developing database management systems; developing financial systems; and building other administrative systems needed to increase the organization’s ability to access and sustain new funding sources. Other eligible expenses include investments in technology to improve internal infrastructure.


Organizational Workforce Development

Grants under this activity area can be used to increase workforce capacity that builds the organization’s infrastructure. Eligible activities include hiring culturally competent staff or consultants to expand programming capacity; providing training and skills development; and implementing other methods of increasing staff capacity.


Organizational Partnerships

Grants under this activity area can be used to create partnerships with other organizations to increase capacity. Eligible activities include the creation and expansion of partnerships with existing organizations that possess a specialized expertise; and the creation of partnerships to increase the capacity of the grantee organizations to improve services for the community.


This is not an exhaustive list of activities that can be funded by this grant program. Propel Nonprofits will work with grant applicants to determine how and if their proposed activities fit within the eligible activities listed above.

Proposal Information

Amount and Term Desired

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Narrative Questions

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Budget and Financial Questions for the Proposed Project                                                                              Please note: Do not enter your organizational budget here. You will submit it as an attachment. This is the project budget.

Revenue Source Amounts

Expense Amounts

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Please include the following Fiscal Sponsor information
Please complete this entire section if the organization has a Fiscal Sponsor. The documents must be in PDF format.

Fiscal Sponsor's most recent audited financial statements         
Your organization's year-end income and expense report*         
Your organization's year-end balance sheet*                              
Requested Documentation
In addition to the narrative questions, the following documentation is requested in the application. The documents must be in a pdf format.
If you are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, please attach your most recent 990 (if your organization does not file a 990, please attach your most recent 990-EZ or 990-N). Fiscally Sponsored Organizations should skip this attachment.                                                                 
Current year, board approved organizational budget*                
501(c)(3) Determination Letter or Fiscal Sponsor Agreement*      
List of board members and affiliations*                                          
List of staff and their titles/roles*                                                   

Clicking Submit will submit the application including all attachments. The submission process can take a few minutes depending on file size and internet speed. Please do not navigate away from this page while submission is in progress. A completion page will be displayed after successful submission.