Type: Videos

Propel Nonprofits video about cash flow to help you better understand the ebbs and flows of your organization's cash.

Propel Nonprofits video about cost allocation explores how to determine and allocate costs such as for staff, property and equipment, and programs.

Propel Nonprofits video about depreciation, which can be confusing but is an accounting concept we can all understand.

Propel Nonprofits video to help the board understand the organization’s financial situation to make informed decisions and provide strategic leadership.

Propel Nonprofits video helps you learn more about reserves, in combination with our Nonprofit Operating Reserves and Policy Examples resource.

Propel Nonprofits video about how to record, report, and effectively manage restricted funds with our Managing Restricted Funds resource.

Propel Nonprofits video to help transform the way we talk about, picture, and fund Core Mission Support that’s at the center of all sustainable nonprofits.

Propel Nonprofits video that shows the four core components of a nonprofit business model: revenue mix, infrastructure, true program costs, and capital.