Sarah Alfaham headshot

Sarah Alfaham »

Fiscal Sponsorship Manager

Keven Ambrus headshot

Keven Ambrus »

CFO & Vice President, Finance

Elizabeth Appel headshot

Elizabeth Appel »

Training Manager

Garrett Backes Headshot

Garrett Backes »

Development Director

Kate Barr headshot

Kate Barr »

President & CEO

Darrell Beauford headshot

Darrell Beauford »

Accounting & Finance Consultant

Monzong Cha headshot

Monzong Cha »

Loan Fund Associate

Amanda Duhon headshot

Amanda Duhon »

Strategic Services Associate

Mary Ann Ehlshlager, Propel Nonprofits' Accounting Director headshot.

Mary Ann Ehlshlager »

Senior Finance Consultant

Naima Farah headshot

Naima Farah »

Program Manager

Dan Frankenfeld headshot

Dan Frankenfeld »

Data Associate

Lu Hang, Propel Nonprofits' Loan Officer & Financial Specialist headshot.

Lu Hang »

Loan Officer & Financial Specialist

Phil Hatlie, Propel Nonprofits' Senior Loan Officer and Financial Specialist, headshot.

Phil Hatlie »

Senior Loan Officer & Financial Specialist

Mario Hernandez headshot

Mario Hernandez »

Strategic Services Director

Sarah B. Jackson »

Loan Officer & Financial Specialist

Jennifer Khang headshot

Jennifer Khang »

Program Associate

Koa Mirai headshot

Koa Mirai »

Loan Officer & Financial Specialist

Mary Nehring, Propel Nonprofits' Assistant to the President & CEO, headshot.

Mary Nehring »

Administrative Manager

Sara Nevison 2018 headshot

Sara Nevison »


Glyn Northington, Propel Nonprofits' Senior Program Director headshot.

Glyn Northington »

Senior Program Director

Janet Ogden-Brackett 2018 headshot

Janet Ogden-Brackett »

Vice President and Chief Program Officer

Luciano Patino, Propel Nonprofits' Technology/IT Manager headshot.

Luciano Patiño »

Information Technology & Data Manager

Kathi Rogers, Propel Nonprofits' Management Associate, headshot.

Kathi Rogers »

Management Associate

Kallie Rollenhagen, Propel Nonprofits' Marketing Manager headshot.

Kallie Rollenhagen »

Marketing Manager

John Skillings headshot

John Skillings »

Accounting & Finance Consultant

Eric Stoebner headshot

Eric Stoebner, CPA (inactive) »


Sara Wessling, Propel Nonprofits' Training Manager headshot.

Sara Wessling »

Training Manager

Acacia Willey 2018 headshot

Acacia Willey »

Senior Accounting & Finance Consultant

Kabo Yang headshot

Kabo Yang »

Strategic Services Consultant

Amanda Ziebell Mawanda, Propel Nonprofits' Strategic Services Consultant headshot.

Amanda Ziebell Mawanda »

Strategic Services Consultant