Starting a Nonprofit

You see the need, you have the passion to address it… now what? It can be confusing to navigate all the steps required to start a Minnesota-based nonprofit. We’re here to help.


It costs nothing to discuss your needs with Propel Nonprofits. We will help you to determine which IRS form is right for your organization. To learn more about starting a nonprofit, contact Phil Duran.

Phil Duran

Choose the Start a Nonprofit Package That’s Right for You

Propel Nonprofits offers two service packages for starting a nonprofit. The main difference between the two offerings is the IRS form required and the amount of legal guidance and support provided by Propel Nonprofits.

Contact us and we will advise you on the right fit once we know more about your new nonprofit organization. In most cases the difference is determined by whether your projected annual income is more than $50,000 in the first three years.

Start Up Select: $975

Start Up Select is right for you if you seek 501(c)(3) status (a charitable nonprofit organization) and your organization is NOT eligible to use the 1023-EZ application form (eligibility), OR if your organization will be a nonprofit, but not a 501(c)(3). What you get with Start Up Select.

Start Up EZ: $500

Start Up EZ is right for you if you seek 501(c)(3) status, AND your organization is eligible to use the 1023-EZ application form (eligibility). What you get with Start Up EZ.

Was Your Status Revoked?

Has your organization’s tax-exempt status been revoked? If so, we can help you to re-apply. We provide the needed legal assistance to prepare and submit the reapplication and the request for retroactive reinstatement, if the organization is eligible, as well as accounting assistance to prepare the required and missing tax forms, if needed.

Guidance and Advice

Phil Duran, Propel Nonprofits’ attorney, will guide and accompany you through the legal steps to start your nonprofit organization. Phil provides advice, legal documents, application forms, assistance, explanations, and answers to questions. Phil makes sure you know the obligations and opportunities that may lie ahead.

Contact Us

To learn more about starting a nonprofit, contact Phil today at 612.249.6701 or

Looking for Fiscal Sponsors?

If you are interested in finding a fiscal sponsor for your organization instead of applying for a 501(c)(3), we can help with that, too.

Fiscal Sponsorship