Baby in a shirt that says Breastfeeding is Food Sovereignty being held by a woman

Mewinzha Ondaadiziike Wiigaming

"We offer maternal/child health services in a nontraditional clinical setting to bridge western medicine with traditional cultural activities and teachings."

Natalie Nicholson, Nurse and Doula, Mewinzha Ondaadiziike Wiigaming

Strategic Services

Men in green work vests at electronics recycling plant work line

Tech Dump/Tech Discount

"Our business model uses electronics recycling and refurbishing as a laboratory for gaining work skills and experience."

Amanda LaGrange, CEO & Founding Board Member, Tech Dump/Tech Discount


A student at Global Academy demonstrating iPad learning modules.

Global Academy

"It's an equity issue. It’s not fair that kids who live half an hour away have the most beautiful facilities and space, and our students are crammed into a strip mall by a bus terminal with no green space."

Helen Fisk, Co-founder & Director, Global Academy


Four staff members of Coalition of Asian American Leaders standing at Frogtown Farms.

Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL)

"I’m grateful to have multiple layers of expertise, from basic financial reconciling and reporting to the strategizing about how we think about our growth to what we might consider as build financial models to match our strategies – it’s more than we would be able to find one person at this time."

Bo Thao-Urabe, Executive Director, Coalition of Asian American Leaders

Accounting & Finance

Fiscal Sponsorship

A man with a younger man, wearing medals after just finishing a race.

Bolder Options

"A relationship that’s deep typically doesn’t get broken. A mentee might give up, but we don’t give up on them."

Darrell Thompson, President, Bolder Options

Strategic Services

People on the street at golden hour, kids jumping rope, coloring with chalk at Minnesota Harvest Initiative/National Night Out at H White Men's Room in North Mpls. Photo by Katherin Louise Harris of The Jadeite Shutter.

Minnesota Harvest Initiative

"We were looking for a partner who was in alignment with our mission, as well as to spend a lot less money on administration so we can focus on the people and the events."

Reynolds-Anthony Harris, Founder
Minnesota Harvest Initiative

Fiscal Sponsorship

The Pollen Midwest staff at its 2018 LikeABoss event.


"[Propel Nonprofits is] my fairy godmother business buddy who helps me sleep at night. That’s what they do: they help Executive Directors sleep at night."

Jamie Millard, Executive Director

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