Books stacked in a cubby, all published by Coffee House Press.

Coffee House Press

"More than many other artform, literature can put you inside the head of a character, someone who is completely different from you."

Chris Fischbach, Coffee House Press


MacRostie Art Center hosting kids at art in the Park, a partnership with Minneapolis College of Art and Design; Photo by Ian Hanesworth

MacRostie Art Center

"There’s value in creativity and creative thinking. In rural areas, that comes through a lot. You have to be creative to make a living in a rural area."

Katie Marshall, MacRostie Art Center



Six people holding a check: Deer River Area Health Care Foundation making a donation to the local food shelf.

Deer River Area Health Care Foundation

"It’s been invaluable to have these Propel Nonprofit trainings and cohorts offered in Itasca County. All of it has been time well spent."

Leah Oslin, Deer River Area Health Care Foundation


Young man filming three other young men playing basketball in an alley, part of FilmNorth MN's programming.


"There’s been a leadership void in the local film community, and now we’re in the position to be the leaders. This is our time to be ambitious."

Andrew Peterson, Executive Director


Mother giving her baby a kiss.

Cradle of Hope

"The quality of our vision for carrying out our mission has improved, and our growth potential has been boosted."

Christ Vatsaas, Board Chair, Cradle of Hope

Strategic Services

Summer Scholars - eight students - by Hiawatha Academy's charter school.

Hiawatha Academies

"Successful students need a safe, inspiring environment, and Hiawatha Academies is committed to providing that environment."

Phil Hatlie, Senior Loan Officer, Propel Nonprofits